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The High Cost of Recovery

Can America really spend its way out of recession? By Alyssa A. Lappen FrontPage Magazine | Jan. 27, 2009 In the first sweep of his Presidential pen, President Barack H. Obama proclaimed Jan. 20 a “National Day of Renewal and … Continue reading

Is the Wilders movie ‘Fitna’ a distortion of Islam? (updated with response)

By Andrew Bostom and Alyssa A. Lappen American Thinker | Jan. 22, 2009 Rick Moran’s blog entry “Geert Wilders to face anti-Islam charges,” is uninformed with regard to his claim that the film Fitna distorts Islam. Wilder’s documentary Fitna (watch … Continue reading

America’s Deficit Disorder

The U.S. economy is on dangerously thin ice. by Alyssa A. Lappen FrontPage Magazine | Jan. 19, 2009 Upon his January 20 arrival in the Oval Office, President-elect Barack Obama will face the worst recession to hit the U.S. economy … Continue reading

The Eternal Danish Optimist

by Alyssa A. Lappen January 5, 2009 | An Exclusive Right Side News Interview ©2009 On Sept. 15, 2008, the editor of Danish daily Berlingske Tidende summoned historian and columnist Lars Hedegaard to his office to lower the proverbial ax. … Continue reading