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Letters and replies

Response and rebuttal 2 | October 26, 2006 AT has received yet another letter of complaint regarding Alyssa Lappen’s article “Islam’s Useful Idiots”, published on October 23, from one of the speakers at the meeting on which she reported and commented. Here follows … Continue reading

Rebuttal and response | October 25, 2006 [updated Sept. 26, 2007] [Debat’s frequent misrepresentations have since been widely exposed. On Sept. 15, 2007 The New York Times reported that Debat never received a Ph.D., as he has long claimed. Terror expert Jean … Continue reading

Care International and misinformation

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Washington Times | October 20, 2006 One must read Susan Estrich and Harvey Silverglate’s letter in response to our Monday Op-Ed as being a product of their duty as attorneys to zealously advocate for their client, … Continue reading

Financing jihad: did he or didn’t he?

Letters to the Editor | October 18, 2006 “Those who cannot remember the past,” as George Santayana taught us, “are condemned to repeat it.” Likewise, when governments seek to rewrite history, citizens and non-citizens alike are exposed to the … Continue reading

Dense poets society

By Thomas Lifson American Thinker | March 21, 2005 Poetry is a window on the human soul. Sad to say, American poetry has fallen on hard times. At least that branch of it represented by the dozen or so poets … Continue reading

Voice of the people

By Alyssa A. Lappen Chicago Tribune | Mar 10, 2001. pg. 24 Some years ago, when Jewish archaeologists opened an entrance to a passageway near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a huge outcry from Palestinian Arabs led to considerable coverage … Continue reading