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For a Child not Conceived

Clouds, stars, sky cannot explain why they exist and you are yet a question. I cannot sleep for fear. My child wraps her stuffed rabbit in reveries, unfathomable to me as you. I love her more. I want you as … Continue reading

The Plan

Into the arid space between earth and sky, the cracks of the human soul seep. They fill with hail of stones from the Temple Mount, the Wafq’s iron door slammed, barring Jews who wish to pray in small circles of … Continue reading


At the portages, few stopped to pick blueberries clustered tightly by fistfuls in easy reach, the blue tears in grey pre-rain light; my son and daughter sang with the yellow finches feasting on wild delight. We kneeled among bushes aside … Continue reading


I have heard the chorus of loons trilling across wild Quebec nights, Winding into the furls of wind like sleek ribbons of moonlight, Banking against the neck of the mountains, casting their songs Into my sleep. The tongues of autumn … Continue reading

How it Happened

The crematorium’s ashes turned by tears to mudoozed into my veins. First, Masha told me of long-past joyful Vilna days, how her boyfriend’s twinfooled her once in a dark movie house and stolea kiss. The twins both died. She never … Continue reading

Brooklyn’s First Tunnel, 1844-1860

The day the last brick was laid over my mouth, My rails and ties pulled like old teeth, the furrows In my floor left like hollowed gums, I was safe Inside this vaulted peace. The steam trains long Gone, took … Continue reading