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Clean Production of Renewable Fuels through the Vaporization of Garbage

Ed Dodge Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School of Management Queens University School of Business July 2008 References: 22: Alyssa A. Lappen and Jack Lauber, “Waste Not,” Times Union, Dec. 3, 2006. All Articles, Poems & Commentaries Copyright © 1971-2021 … Continue reading

The Muslim Brothers in Egypt: the driving force behind and Islamic dictatorship

By Julien Duval-Leroy Research Institute for Europe and American Studies | Oct. 2007 Notes: 60. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen, “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Propaganda Offensive,” American Thinker, April 2007, html 61. Ibid. All Articles, Poems & Commentaries Copyright … Continue reading

Protect the American Media–Whether They Deserve It or Not

By Andrew McCarthy Human Events | Aug. 14, 2007 It is a hard thing to defend the American media. Even when they are right and even when they badly need defending. In large part, that’s because press hypocrisy is so … Continue reading

Platforms of the Enemy

By John Perazzo FrontPage Magazine | May 21, 2007 It is every American’s right to dissent from the domestic and foreign policies of their government. However, when their country is attacked by adversaries who have sworn its destruction, and American … Continue reading

Stanford Prof. Joel Beinin Dredges Up False ‘Death Threat’ Claim Against L.A. Journalist

By Cinnamon Stillwell Campus Watch | May 16, 2007 Stanford Middle East history professor and former president of the Middle East Studies Association Joel Beinin is known for letting his one-sided political perspectives invade the classroom. As former Stanford professor … Continue reading

Showdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, Part III

By Patrick Poole | April 20, 2007 In this concluding Part 3 of my rejoinder to Nixon Center Fellows Robert Leiken and Steven Brooke’s article, “A Response to Patrick Poole’s “Mainstreaming the Muslim Brotherhood‘,” I cover the following points: … Continue reading