Bibliography on Bhopal disaster


Note: The following is a condensed list of books, reports, and articles on the Bhopal disaster and related issues. This edition of the bibliography has been prepared by John O’Connell. If you have difficulty obtaining any of these documents, please contact David Dembo or Lucinda Wykle at the above address.



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STATEMENT OF CASE, 1989. A petition under Article 32 of the Constitution
of India arising out of the settlement/order of the Court dated Feb. 14,
1989 and Feb. 15, 1989. [Seeks to overturn order and revert to situation
that existed prior to Feb. 14, 1989.)

WRIT PETITION NO. 281, 1989. In the Supreme Court of India, March 1989. [Challenges the order for settlement. The petitioner, Rajkumer Keswani, victim of the leak, published several articles in reputed journals that warned of a Bhopal disaster between 1982 and 1984.]

WRIT PETITION NO. 268, 1989. Charan Lal Sahu, Rakesh Shrouti, Kajkumar Xeswani, Nasrin Si and Others vs. union of India.

MEMORANDUM OF LAW AND AFFIRMATION, Feb. 15, 1989. [Submissions before John F. Keenan by two members of the Executive Committee (a committee set up by Keenan when the case was in New York) requesting payment for their services and oversight of the settlement.]

ORDER OF THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA, Feb. 15, 1989. In the Supreme Court of India, 1989. [Outlines the payments to be made by Union Carbide and specifies that all the charges against union Carbide be dropped.]

ORDER OF THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA, Feb. 14, 1989. [Orders Union Carbide to pay 470 million U.S. dollars to the Union of India on or before March 31, 1989. Voids all criminal proceedings, concludes all settlements.]

Review Petition No. 229, 1989. Union of India vs. Union Carbide. Additional submission in support of Review Petition.

Counter Affidavit on Behalf of Union of India to Review Petition, March 23, 1990.

Supplementary Affidavit on Behalf of the Review Petitioners, June 3, 1990.

WRIT PETITION, Feb. 15, 1989. In the Supreme Court of India. [Association for Socio Legal Literacy through its Nominated Secretary Indeevar Goodwill vs. Union of India and another. Petitioner challenges the order for settlement.]


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