Monthly Archives: February 2005

The Anti-Zionist Zionists

by Alyssa A. Lappen FrontPage Magazine | Feb. 11, 2005 Last year, the Scholars for Peace in the Middle East launched an online petition opposed to suicide terrorism that quickly garnered more than 327,000 signatures. These voices were not heard … Continue reading

Anderson, Ray C.

pp. 4-8 2005 Current Biography Yearbook 66th Annual Cumulation H.W. Wilson Co. ISBN 0-8242-1056-5 July 28, 1934 – Businessman, environmental activist “Anderson, who had sunk his whole nest egg into an undertaking that seemed in danger of failing, told Alyssa … Continue reading

Evaluating Muslim-Jewish Relations in Britain

By Ben Cohen Jerusalem Viewpoints | No. 527, 1-15 February 2005 * British Muslim organizations are becoming far more vocal on foreign policy matters. Two positions would appear to be axiomatic: opposition to the Iraq war and Britain’s continued involvement … Continue reading