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Ground Zero Mosque: Keep Quiet or Provoke Osama Bin Laden – Really?

By Edward Cline Family Security Matters | August 25, 2010 One of the most appalling and bizarre opinion pieces about the Ground Zero mosque appeared on August 21st in The New York Times, Nicholas D. Kristof’s “Taking Bin Laden’s Side.” … Continue reading

The document that should stop the Islamic “Victory Mosque”

By Doug Hagmann Canada Free Press | Aug. 23, 2010 Racists, Xenophobes and bigots. Those are just a few terms used to describe the opponents of the Islamic center planned near Ground Zero. These characterizations could possibly be avoided, however, … Continue reading

Rauf’s Muslim Brotherhood roads to Malaysia

In this stunning investigation, the Ground Zero Mosque Imam’s links to Malaysia are traced. Are his plans based upon Malaysian Islamist and Muslim Brotherhood strategies of conquest? by Alyssa A. Lappen Family Security Matters | Aug. 21, 2010 All roads … Continue reading

Feisal Abdul Rauf

by Alyssa A. Lappen ACT for America | Aug. 17, 2010 Feisal Abdul Rauf, born in Kuwait in 1948, boasts of his issue from an “Egyptian family steeped in religious scholarship.” 1 He presents himself as a Muslim moderate. 2 … Continue reading