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The Anti-Defamation League’s Flat-Footed, Off-Key Shouter

An open letter to the head of the ADL, denouncing his condemnations of those who see Sharia as a threat to American values and liberty. by Alyssa A. Lappen Family Security Matters | Aug. 18, 2011 Dear Mr. Foxman, For … Continue reading

What has happened to the Anti-defamation league?

Is opposition to sharia a social crime? by Alyssa A. Lappen Family Security Matters | Mar. 31, 2011 ADL now supports sharia. How can any supporter of civil rights defend the introduction of such barbaric “law” into the United States? … Continue reading

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

by Alyssa A. Lappen Right Side News | March 10, 2009 Review: United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror (WND Books, 2009), 239 pages. In 2000, I noted a near-total mainstream news blackout on hateful Islamic ideological … Continue reading

Schumer Steps Forward

Editorial of The New York Sun | July 28, 2008 Senator Schumer’s decision Friday to add his name to those of Senators Specter and Lieberman among the backers of the Free Speech Protection Act of 2008 increases the likelihood that … Continue reading

Congress should outlaw shari’a finance

By Alyssa A. Lappen Washington Examiner | June 2, 2008 A spate of conferences in the U.S. recently on Islamic banking — i.e. shari’a finance — signals a worrisome American blindness to the budding industry’s inherent dangers. Among the perils … Continue reading

Flash: Moon Is Not Green Cheese

So extensive is current misuse of English that even George Orwell, I think, would be flabbergasted by its prevalence—and its chief source: not the government, after all, but pseudo scholars and unprincipled journalists who might as well contend the moon … Continue reading